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Reasons to Choose Mesler Roofing, Siding & Windows

Serving Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City

Mesler Roofing has been serving the Kansas City, Topeka, and Lawrence areas for over 30 years. We are well known for our warranty and attention to detail.

Almost a Century of Combined Expertise

Mesler employs team members with a proven track record in the roofing industry and even our junior team members are brought on due to their demonstrated commitment to quality and high ethics. We demonstrate excellent troubleshooting skills that translate to you being able to feel safe and good about the roof over your head.

Choose the right contractor

Visit selecting a contractor for additional information that can help you make a wise decision about hiring a roofing contractor.

Great Warranty, Workmanship, and Materials

Mesler Roofing is selective about the products we choose. We’ve chosen great products with a proven reputation. After all, we attach our name to these products so knowing they can outlast their warranty is important!
Not all roofing companies in the Kansas City area offer workmanship warranties. We do! We offer 5 year warranties on our workmanship for asphalt shingled roofs.

Need help with Insurance Claims?

We are well versed in liaising between customers and insurance companies. Talk to us about your needs and we will work with you and your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible.

Visit Mesler Roofing

Do you want to look at your options or talk to us? Feel free to stop by our showroom and have a conversation with one of our team members. We would be happy to review your options so that your roof meets the esthetic needs of your home as well as your budget.

Call Mesler

Roofing and experience the difference of working with a roofing company who cares:

Call Lawrence: 785-749-0462 Topeka: 785-371-0000 Kansas City: 913-621-6666.

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